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Unborn baby ca. 7 weeks and 3 days after conception.


Dear Mommy,

I am in your womb and am currently being artistically designed.
You can not really see me but I'm really there ...
It is no coincidence that you came to this website, just as it is no coincidence that I am already a baby. I'm not an accident, I'm a baby, your baby.
If you do not protect me mommy, who will?
You're pregnant with me mommy and I love you.
I long for the moment when you hold me tightly in your arms.
Mommy, to be honest, I thought I was safe in your womb...
But now mommy, the world and our circumstances offer us 3 options.
One... you get me, no matter how bad the circumstances are now, mommy, I know that as long as we're together everything else is unimportant. And we are not alone. I AM NOT A PROBLEM. I am a baby. 

Two... you are aborting me. But mommy PLEASE do not do that!
I am a baby, your baby.
Mommy, this site is made by other moms, who themselves had an abortion and who regret it to this day, and by future mommies to be, who know from their own experience that love is always greater than whatever "problem"!

They know that I AM NOT a problem. I AM your baby and killing a baby can never solve any problem. That is a BIG LIE that others might want you to believe right now, but it is not the truth, out of experience these mommies know that problems are just starting when you have an abortion.

These Mommies know that you may be able to get me out of your womb, but never out of your heart. That is the truth.

Mommy those other mommies want to help us. Help with all our circumstances. From the problems with my dad to the problems with finances. In time, things will be alright mommy.
They want to help you mommy, in every way we need and in every way that they can.

Also they really want to show you the truth of what really happens to me once you decide to have an abortion. Because an abortion is not just the removal of a few cells like doctors might tell you... Truly abortion is murder mommy. Abortion is a pretty word mommy, but it is one of the most cruel things on earth. That is not what I am worth mommy because I am unique and I am priceless.

That is my part mom, but for you mommy, it has terrible consequences for you too. Mentally, physically, spiritually, Mommy, please DO NOT do it!
Because if you really do not want to keep me, there is still the third option:

Three… Adoption.
You and I would not be together anymore, but at least I would live.
Mommy I know God gave me to you because He trusts you with my life. But even if you give me up for adoption and do not kill me, forever you will be my HERO!
You did not end my life. You gave me a chance to live. Forever I will be grateful, forever you will be in my heart as my brave mommy, who gave the most precious what she had away, so her baby could live and have LIFE! 
Oh mommy, how much I wish that you feel deep down inside your heart and know, that you know, that you KNOW, that the only answer is that you are carrying me for 9 months. Oh Mommy, that's what you were born for yourself. Not to kill me, but to give life!

Your womb was created by God as a little tiny house for me.
Whether you are thinking, that you are too young or too old, or that somehow I just do not fit into your life right now.
But look and feel mommy, I fit PERFECTLY in your womb, in your belly. It is my first house. Please Mommy, let it be a safe house for me. Please Mommy, I know for sure, God will be with us. He also created you for His purposes. He knows it when we are awake and when we sleep. He himself never sleeps ... He does not wear pyjamas mommy and when with all your heart you will trust Him, He will take care of everything!
My mommy, you are not alone!

Your loving, unborn baby.


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